Thief steals a phone with GPS tracking capabilities, gets arrested immediately

So you step outside of a building with your iPhone to make a call, and some moron comes flying down the street on a bike, yanks the phone from your hands, and heads off down the road faster than you can realize what the hell just happened. True story.

Some idiot thief thought he’d seize the opportunity and jack an iPhone from a Covia Labs employee, who was in the middle of demonstrating a GPS live tracking app. I’m sure you can all guess how this one unravelled.

Well played thief. You not only made yourself an easy target, but you just gave Covia Labs a ton of free publicity. If I was handing out Darwin awards, I’d probably make you the leading candidate in the dumbass thief award category.

So how’d it play out? They called the cops, and the cops arrested the guy just over a half mile away with iPhone in hand. I’m glad that Covia Labs got a little publicity out of the event, but this better not turn into a paid PR stunt. I’d be seriously disappointed.

So here’s our PSA to you: Don’t walk around town flashing your iPhone all about for people to see. Someone, somewhere might be contemplating jacking it.  It happened to our own Simon Wicks, but luckily for him, a simple “Fuck Off!” sent the thief on his way.  You might not be so lucky though.  Keep it in a case, keep it in your pocket, and keep the device for another day.

Article Via SF Gate

Image Credit: Casey Pugh

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