The Rivalry Continues, Google Working On Perfect App For iOS 6

Apple might have removed Google Maps from its mobile devices, but it doesn’t look like Google is prepared to take no for an answer.

According to iDigitalTimes, Google is currently putting the final touches on its upcoming Google Maps app. On top of a turn-by-turn navigation feature, which will allow users to turn their phone into a makeshift GPS, there’s apparently a test version of the app that is being cross-examined by unnamed individuals. Nonetheless, that’s not going to be particularly relevant if it doesn’t meet the App Store’s approval process, something that may or may not happen depending on how confident Apple feels about their own maps app.

In case you missed the debacle that was the original iOS 6 Maps, there is good reason for Apple to be concerned about their rival. Though Google Maps is more than seven years old, it has enjoyed considerable accuracy and is backed by a solid database and Street View. Of course, a lot of that power can be attributed to its previous connection to iOS users, something that was lost after Apple replaced Google Maps with their own application.

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