The future is here, and it’s called the iPad Typewriter

Have you every found yourself longing for the days when you used to type important documents on a typewriter instead of a computer? The clickity-clack of the keys slamming into the paper in a hypnotic rhythm is something many miss. Sure, a typewriter might not be all that economical these days, and it certainly won’t check your email… Wait, it can? There’s a USB Typewriter? Damn.

This USB Typewriter, available on Etsy, not only connects to an iPad or Mac, but it also still works as it was originally intended, with ink and paper.

It’s pretty damn snazzy, and scratches my nostalgia itch quite nicely. The price tag is a little hefty though. You can purchase the typewriter in its entirety for $699.00, or you can pick up conversion kits for $74.00.

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