Steve Jobs said to have made iPhone 5 his last big project

Steve Jobs changed the world with the role he played in nearly every Apple product ever released. Analysts are claiming that the last project Steve Jobs will bestow upon us has yet to be released, and it is certainly not the iPhone 4S.

It is being predicted that the iPhone 5 (or whatever it ends up being called) will be the ground breaking device, and leave quite a mark on the world, not only for its new features and redesign but for the fact that it was Steve’s last project.

Rumored to be donning a slimmer profile and larger screen, the next iPhone will be a complete overhaul and is expected to be Apple’s first 4G phone.┬áMany are pegging summer 2012 as the unveiling date, which coincides with the Apple Developer’s Conference.

It is also being said that Steve Jobs had very little to do with the roll out of the iPhone 4S due to extremely restricted time constraints and Jobs’ failing health. Designing a phone from the ground up is no small task for anyone, especially someone who’s days were numbered.

I don’t know how in the world I am going to work it out with my newly signed contract, but rest assured, if Steve Jobs had a hand in designing the iPhone 5, I’ll be one of the first in line to own one, forever.

Source: CNET

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