Sprint making nice with Apple

It’s commonplace to see commercials where one company will tout that their product is better than a competing product. Verizon had done this for quite some time with their Android phones and the iPhone. Verizon has even done this when comparing their cellular service to that of AT&T’s. Some commercials were more in your face obvious, while others were a bit more subdued. It appears that Sprint is easing up on Apple. Think they might be courting Apple, or even in the works for a Sprint iPhone?

According to an Electronista piece, Sprint in their latest commercial is not targeting the iPhone. The commercial centers around the HTC EVO, where you see the little Android mascot zooming around reading all of the rave reviews about itself. Then the commercial introduces the all new HTC EVO Shift 4G. Not once is the iPhone, nor AT&T mentioned. Is this Sprint playing to Android’s strengths, or maybe they are playing nice with Apple?

Here is the Sprint commercial for your viewing enjoyment:

Does this mean that come June we will be seeing a Sprint or even maybe a T-Mobile iPhone? At this point it is anyone’s guess. But, I believe that Apple will be releasing the iPhone for the other two U.S. carriers. I think Apple let Verizon get a leg up on the competition by releasing the iPhone before the other carriers. It would be great to see the iPhone on all four U.S. carriers. This way we will start to have some true competition between carriers. When there’s competition between carriers, the consumers reap the benefits.

Article Via Electronista

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