Rumor: iPhone 5 (4S) to ship alongside iOS 5 on September 7

The iPhone 5 has to ship at some point, and according to the latest rumors circulating the internet, September 7, 2011, may just be the big day. It’s also expected that the iPhone 5 will ship alongside iOS 5.

It has long been stated that Apple is preparing to release the iPhone 5 in September at their back-to-school iPod event. Rumors have also suggested that the iPod event will be replaced by the iPhone, and that new iPods and iPod touches may be part of an event closer to the holiday season instead of in September.

Apple has publicly stated that iOS 5 will be available in the fall, and that it will come complete with 200 new features, including iMessages, Newsstand, and a revamped Notification Center.

It would make very little sense to ship the iPhone 5, without iOS 5 at this point, and anyone suggesting otherwise is probably somewhere out in left field.

We heard last week that Apple’s holding some product updates, most notable of which is an updated MacBook Air with Thunderbolt support, until Lion is ready to ship in July. Apple appears to be bullish on Lion and iOS 5, and shipping devices without either software offering would be a mistake.

Article Via International Business Times

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