R-Type coming soon to iPhone and iPod Touch

Remember R-Type? The side scrolling shoot-em-up game straight out of 1987? Well, pretty soon you’ll be able to defend humanity directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch, because EA Mobile is bringing the arcade classic directly to your mobile Apple device.  There’s no word on the exact release day, but we hear that it’s coming soon.  We’ll keep you posted with the details once they surface.  If there’s anything I need on my iPhone, it’s more ’80s video games.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to fight off wave after wave of Bydo baddies directly on your iPhone. Excited yet? Here’s some game play footage from the original version. If you’re not feeling nostalgic yet, then you’re dead to me. Just jokes, I still love you.

Ah, ’80s videogames!

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