Report has T-Mobile providing better support for unlocked iPhone users

TMONews David Beren of TmoNews is reporting that T-Mobile, as of next Monday, will be providing extended support to the non-trivial number of T-Mobile customers using unlocked iPhones.

Starting on January 30th, T-Mobile will “begin offering additional support to customers using an Apple iPhone on our network.” T-Mobile’s added iPhone support will include “common procedures, information about feature and specifications and other basic device questions.” T-Mobile is implementing these changes to support the 1 million plus users on the Magenta network with unlocked iPhones.

It’s interesting, and we’re glad to see T-Mobile making a move to support its customers. That said, it does bring up the nagging question of official T-Mobile support from Apple. As it stands, unlocked GSM iPhones work on T-Mobile, but only with 2G data. As we all know from the original iPhone’s launch, 2G (aka EDGE) speeds are atrocious.

As of now, Apple sells its phones on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint in the United States. That leaves T-Mobile as the last major carrier without an iPhone of their very own. How long until that changes? Surely they are at a substantial disadvantage by being the only network without the best selling smartphone in the US. Their shareholders must be going bonkers.

Source: TmoNews

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