PopCap iPhone Games On Sale

PopCap Games has put three of their iPhone and iPod Touch games on sale until January 3rd 2010. Chuzzle, Peggle, and Bookworm are only $1.99 each. This is a great deal. If you’re at all interested in fun and quirky puzzle games, I’m sure you know the name PopCap.

So, you bought those three games on sale, but what about the game that put PopCap on the map? Bejeweled! Luckily, Bejeweled 2 is available for the VERY reasonable asking price of $2.99. “Wait a minute,” you’re probably saying. “I could just play Bejeweled in the browser for free, right?” Right, you could. However, the app doesn’t need an Internet connection to work, and Bejeweled 2 for the iPhone and iPod Touch offers four different game modes from which to choose.

This mode is what one might call traditional Bejeweled. You match jewels, and go through a set of levels.

Similar to the classic mode, Endless has you match jewels through levels. The difference is that there is no end to the levels in this mode. You could go on forever as long as you don’t lose!

Once again, you have the classic gameplay, but a timer is introduced. The longer you take to match the jewels, the closer the timer gets to empty. However, if you complete a lot of successful matches, the timer will gain time.

This is the most interesting addition. This mode only lasts one minute, but it hooks into your Facebook account. You can compare your scores directly with your friends and compete for the number one spot!

Those all come together to make an incredibly fun game for a very affordable price. Jump on it!

Photo Credit: merfam

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