Photojournalist Captures Olympic Games Using Only An iPhone And Processing App Snapseed

Why do you need a camera when you’ve got an iPhone 4S? Answer: you don’t. At least, according to one photojournalist. The Guardian’s Dan Chung is photographing the entire Olympic Games using just an iPhone 4S and processing app Snapseed. Chung is keeping a photoblog of all the pictures he’s taking with his iPhone, including pictures of athletes in the midst of competition, pictures of face-painted, flag-wearing fans and the Olympic Stadium among the beautiful London scenery.

Chung also used a clip-on Schneider lens and some Canon binoculars to get the results he did. All the pictures he has taken so far can be seen on his photoblog, with more pictures being added in throughout the remainder of the games.

For all those aspiring photographers out there who also like to use their iPhone for photos, you can get the Snapseed app from the App Store for just $4.99. Snapseed allows you to edit, crop, adjust, and enhance your photos among many other great abilities.

Source: The Guardian and The Verge via Gizmodo
Image Credit: Dan Chung

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