My Predictions for, “Come see our latest creation.”

Here’s a rundown of my predictions for January 27th’s “Come see our latest creation” event.  First, I do believe that Apple will be introducing the Tablet.  The title for the event pretty much cinches the deal.  Now some might say how are you getting that from a title?  Well, the rumor mill basically points to the tablet.

My second prediction is, I don’t believe Apple will be announcing the 22” iMac Touchscreen.  I’ll venture to guess that they’ll probably announce the Touchscreen iMac at a later event.  Who knows, this might be Steve Job’s famous “one more thing”, however, I doubt it.

My third prediction is that they will announce a new iLife and iWork suite.  A quick blurb from Gizmodo suggests that Apple has been working on a multi-touch version of iWork.  That would be a nice addition to their new product.

My final prediction is that Apple will not be announcing iPhone OS 4.0.  Historically, this is an event held in March that roadmaps the new features for the OS.  They also demo new applications that will take advantage of the iPhone’s new hardware.

Now remember these are only my predictions.  So, lets see how many of them come to fruition.  January 27th can’t come soon enough.

[via Gizmodo]

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