iPhone OS 3.0.1 update now available

Apple have just pushed out the 3.0.1 software update for all 3 models of the iPhone. There were rumors from the UK carrier O2 that the update would be coming tomorrow to patch the SMS vulnerability that was disclosed at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas yesterday.

Of course, this brings a bit of a predicament for jailbreakers like myself at the moment.

Do i carry on browsing through life unprotected, and put myself at risk of getting my identity stolen, my phone hijacked, and other things, just for the sake of using some apps in the background, or changing the way my lock screen looks? Hopefully the Dev team are on this problem right now, but who knows what else has been baked into this firmware update, maybe it will cause them more problems and they wont be able to get the quick fix out for us all that we’re hoping for.

Only time will tell. It’s up to you what you do. Do you take the 280MB update and be safe, or do you shrug it off for now and wait for the new Pwnage tool?

Let us know which route you have taken in the comments.

Read the official release documentation from Apple here: here

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