iPhone can’t handle Hong Kong’s humidity

Those little moisture sensors are such a pile of crap that it’s surprising anyone can legally refuse a warranty based on them. All of my sensors in my iPhone have turned red, and I’ve never once dropped my phone in any form of water, not in a sink, not in a toilet, and certainly not in a pool or river. God help Apple if I ever have a repair on my iPhone and they deny me because of the red sensors.

The Chinese are learning something that we’ve all known for a while now, humidity can set those little red demon sensors off and void a warranty pretty quickly. The Chinese are having a hard time getting their warranties honoured because of the crazy temperatures and humidity levels in their country.  People are trying to get some kind of recompense for their problems, but if history shows us anything these people are in for a long battle with Apple. We don’t care much for the sensors, obviously, but if Apple insists on using them as an indicator of misuse of their phones then they need to work on ironing out the kinks.  Having your warranty voided because you leave your phone on a counter in your bathroom while you take a shower is a little bit much.  In 2010 is kind of funny that we’re still having this debate and that phones haven’t been waterproofed in any way.

If you’re not sure where your sensors are on your device, here’s an image from Apple’s support document.  Clearly they haven’t updated it yet to include the iPhone 4.

Article Via Cult of Mac

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