Want To Wear An Exploded iPhone 5? Check Out This Shirt

The iPhone 5 is a pretty amazing device. Not only does it perform well, but the device is also drop-dead gorgeous when compared to most other smartphones on the market. Because of this, some of us Apple enthusiasts have a tendency to show off our iPhones to our Android-wielding friends. If you’re guilty of this, you need Tee Trilogy’s “Exploded iPhone 5” t-shirt.

Tee Trilogy is known for making “exploded” shirts for Apple products, which essentially show off the internals of the selected Apple device. You can currently order a variety of exploded Apple products from Tee Trilogy, including the iPhone 4S, iPad and even the Macintosh 128K. Tee Trilogy also sells posters and a few other t-shirt designs, so make sure to check out their entire store to find something that fits your style.

The Exploded iPhone 5 t-shirt is currently available via Trilogy Tee’s website and can be purchased for $19 in two colors: gray and black. The shirt is available in most sizes and is printed on a super-soft American Apparel 2001 shirt and screen printed by hand. If you order your shirt now, it’ll ship on October 29th.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.