iPhone 4S is the second most popular cameraphone on Flickr

The iPhone 4S has leapt many hurdles in a short period of time, and now the plucky new phone from Apple has established itself as the second-runner-up on Flickr for the most popular cameraphone used for Flickr pics. First place? Its older brother, the iPhone 4.

Flickr is a well-known photo sharing social media website that’s the go-to for lovers of photography and cool stuff to look at. The iPhone 4S is the new flavor of iPhone with just over a month behind it and it’s been making huge waves for several advances in both hardware and software, not the least of which being its power as a phone. Andy Ihnatko of the Sun Times had a lot of glowing comments to share about the iPhone 4S as a camera in his recent review:

That said, Apple took the best-in-class iPhone 4 camera and made it even best-in-classer. It takes 8 megapixel pictures instead of 5, but that’s the most boring stat. Apple made huge improvements to the iPhone’s low-light sensitivity. It’s 73 percent greater, thanks to a new, brighter, five-element lens, an enhanced image sensor, and a new image processor. This means you’ll get better shots in dim environments and it truly improves the performance of the camera across the board. In otherwise well-lit photos shot with the iPhone 4, for example, deep shadows are just smears of black. That’s true to an even greater extent on every other phone camera I’ve ever tried. On the iPhone 4S, shadows have actual shape and texture.

The iPhone 4S also brings other features to the table, such as the much-lauded and often-discussed Siri voice-activated “assistant,” but the camera is quietly establishing itself as the best cameraphone you can buy in the present day.

Source: Macrumors
Friendly nod to: Andy Ihnatko

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