iOS Virus Released In App Store, Affects PCs?

This story is sure to bring a “lolwut” to many of your faces: iOS malware has been found in the App Store again, but it only affects PCs? Yeah, thought so. Apparently the application by the name “Instaquotes Quotes Cards for Instagram” carries the “Worm.VB-900” virus, which can only affect Windows-based computers — not Macs, iOS devices or Linux computers. The virus would harm PCs when the app was either downloaded to a PC or synced back to a PC from an iOS device.

Fortunately for Windows users, Apple has pulled the application from the App Store and the developer is reportedly working on a new, virus free version of the app. If you’ve already installed the app, I would highly recommend removing it and scanning your PC for viruses. The
“Worm.VB-900” virus has been around since 2009 and is recognized by almost all recent virus protection software as well as Microsoft’s own Security Essentials, a free antivirus program included with all Windows 7 computers. And since this virus is so old and hides in such a strange spot on PCs, it isn’t even likely to cause any major damage. In fact, the virus most likely got in the application through the developer’s infected PC.

Source: Apple Forms via Engadget, PCWorld
Image Credit: tamakisono

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