iOS 6.1 Seeded To Developers

Even though iOS 6.0.1 was released to the public just hours ago, Apple has decided to go ahead and release iOS 6.1 beta to all registered developers. The update is available for download now via the Developer Center and can be installed on most recent devices including the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 , as well as the fourth and fifth-generation iPod touch, and iPad 2 and 3. Apple has not yet made the OS available for the fourth-generation iPad or iPad mini, but we should see the beta go up for download tomorrow when the devices are released.

Since developers are under NDA with Apple, we’re not really sure what iOS 6.1 has to offer; however, we’ve heard reports that developers can now make their apps search for map based points of interest. This feature is called “Map Kit Search” and runs off of the “Map Kit” framework. We’ll report back when we hear more on what iOS 6.1 has to offer.

Apple also released a new beta version of Xcode to developers. Xcode 4.6 beta allows developers to build apps for both iOS 6.1 as well as OS X 10.8. All essential Xcode tools have been updated to reflect the changes made in iOS 6.1. Developers can download this beta release of  Xcode via the Developer Center.

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