iOS 5 passcode security flaw is back

Apple’s already addressed one iOS 5 passcode security flaw where users were able to circumvent the passcode by using Siri. Then they fixed a security flaw in the “emergency call” button software that would let users tap the button, hit some random numbers, tap the call button, then hit the lock button.

Today, it’s a similar flaw that lets someone access a phone’s contact list, phone records, text messages, even if the phone has a passcode.

iPhoneIslam found that by trying to make a call using a missed call notification, while without a signal, the iPhone could be unlocked.

Do yourself a favour and skip to 2:40 of the video.

We’re not sure if we should laugh or shed a tear. Sure the security bug is a problem and needs to be patched on the ASAP, but man, watching a video for 2:40 trying to figure out what iPhoneIslam was trying to prove really made me laugh. Those lower thirds are priceless.

Hat tip to Jeremy Johnstone for the find
Image Credit: iStevenxue

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