Become an honorary member of Chronic Dev Team, or at least help them find the next exploit

When talking about the iOS jailbreak scene, there is really only one team worth mentioning: The Chronic Dev Team. These are the folks behind GreenPois0n which shattered all the expectations that a 4.2.1 jailbreak was not even possible. Today, the team announces a new program that will allow anyone to forward their crash reports to Chronic, bypassing Apple altogether.

C-Dev Reporter simply bundles up and sends your crash reports to the Chronic Dev Team’s servers in a secure manner. Once there, they are gone through with what we can only imagine is a really elite fine tooth comb. The data harvested could possibly lead to the next exploit, which could end up as an untethered jailbreak for iOS5.

Aside from capturing these precious reports, the program prevents iTunes from sending copies to Apple, thus preventing patches to be worked up before the holes are even found.

P0sixninja, one of Chronic Dev Team’s most active members, posted the following on the team’s blog:

At this point, the program copies all the crash reports off your device (which, under normal circumstances, would be sent right back to Apple), and instead sends this data to a secure, private server hosted by your friendly Chronic Dev team. Next, our program proceeds to neuter your copy of iTunes, simply by changing your settings to prevent your computer from sending any further diagnostic information from your device to Apple.

While still currently in beta, it’s been stated that within the next 24 hours we should see the GM release as well as a Windows equivalent.

Source: Redmond Pie

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