OLED screens in the iPhone and rumored televisions? Apple is still not interested, says Korea Times

Been hoping that the next iPhone will feature an OLED display? Don’t hold your breath. According to The Korea Times, the rumor that LG had been asked to provide Apple with OLED display technology for its as yet unannounced and rumored TV is groundless. “Because Apple is worried over higher costs and technology-related issues linking to large-sized OLED displays, it is groundless that Apple has asked LG Display to supply its OLED screens for its upcoming televisions,” according to a source quoted by The Korea Times.

Apple and LG were rumored to have met to discuss a new 55-inch LG OLED panel that could be used in an Apple telvision after LG chief executive Kwon Young-soo announced plans to launch such a display sometime in mid-2012. However, a high-ranking industry exec was negative on the news. “Apple has a track record of sticking to proven technology in its products and it’s unlikely that Apple will change the years-long stance for televisions,” he was quoted as saying.

Not only is Apple saying no to OLED TVs, it’s also rejecting the display technology for its handheld devices as well. According to a top-level exec from an Apple supplier also quoted, “Apple has no interest in using OLED screens on its popular devices. The upcoming iPad 3 will also adopt picture quality-enhanced LCD screens, while the next iPhone will follow suit. Three or four more years will be needed to see OLED-embedded digital devices from Apple.”

The sources all seem to be pretty sure that there will be a television coming from Apple, which is interesting. I’m not convinced there’s a market for Apple to make its own television, although the brand is so strong that now might be a good time to take a chance on a new product category.

Via: MacRumors
Source: The Korea Times

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