Hands On: SGP Ultra Screen Shields For iPhone 5

The folks at SGP, a company known for their screen shields and iOS device accessories, recently started to sell screen shields for the upcoming “iPhone 5”. And while no one knows exactly what the new iPhone will offer in terms of specs, all rumors and leaked parts are pointing towards a taller 4-inch screen. SGP obviously believes these rumors as they have put their popular Ultra Crystal and Ultra Oleophobic screen shields into mass production for the upcoming device and are shipping them to buyers. If you order your screen shields now, they will be delivered before the actual phone is released. However, if the iPhone 5 turns out to have a different size screen, SGP will automatically ship an updated screen shield over free of charge.

SGP was nice enough to send me two sets of their upcoming shields before releasing them to the public. I received the SGP Ultra Olephobic and Ultra Crystal screen shields this afternoon. When compared to my iPhone 4S, the new iPhone’s screen shields are a lot taller but feature the same width as the 4S screen. Besides the screen size, the only other noticeable change is the placement of the front facing camera, as it has been moved to the top of the earpiece. If you would like to see these screen shields for yourself, I have embedded photos of them above for your viewing pleasure.

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