Get Competitive With The Nike+ FuelBand App’s New Social Features

Nike+ FuelBand app for iOS first launched in February of last year, just shortly before the launch of the actual device. Now the fitness app has received a new update, bringing new social features so you can compete with friends.

If you don’t already know or haven’t had a chance to try it out, the Nike+ FuelBand is Nike’s fitness tracking device that measures your daily activity and produces a score, called NikeFuel. The compatible iOS app lets you keep track of your progress as a whole.

The fitness tracking app has been updated, bringing two significant features to the app: Nike+ Friends and photo sharing.

Nike+ Friends lets you access custom leaderboards in the app and lets you see your performance compared to your friends that also have a Nike+ FuelBand.  Depending on where you stack up to your friends, it could give you that extra little push or give you that boost of confidence when you see your on top of the board.  You can compare, compete, and share on or in the mobile app.

With the apps new photo sharing feature, you can now take a picture of your progress or when you reached a new goal and share it to highlight your accomplishment with others. These photos can also serve as good reminders that hard work pays off.

The updated version of the Nike+ FuelBand app is available on the App Store for free.

Image Credit: Nike+ FuelBand

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