Your free Bumper is going to be a little delayed

Last week we told you guys that Bumper refunds were being sent out, then we let you know that you could submit your request for a free Bumper via an iPhone application, and now we’re letting you know that Apple wasn’t kidding when they publicly announced that they’re going to have a hard time keeping up  with the demand for bumpers. Creating enough bumpers is going to be a challenge for Cupertino; that’s why they decided to partner up with some other case manufacturers. But, then we heard that 3rd party cases were going to be delayed as well. So, if you’re expecting these magical cases to solve your non-existent problem any time soon, you might want to think about going to pick up a different magical case, because they won’t be arriving in the mail for another month.

Today we’re hearing that the Apple Bumpers are already delayed, and will be shipping in late August. We know that it takes time to get these things made, and that ramping up production is costly both financially and manpower-wise, but shipping by the end of August seems to be a long time away. The people who are having serious issues (all two dozen of them) have to be extremely annoyed that it’s going to take another month before they get a solution for their problem. This brings me to my next complaint.  Everyone and their brother seems to be picking up a free case despite their phone functioning properly.  It’s starting to drive me absolutely crazy.  We get it: you love free stuff like we do, but I wouldn’t be running out to pickup a free iPhone 4 case unless my phone was having some serious problems.

If Twitter has any value at all, it’s tracking trends, and the amount of people who were outright shocked that a refund for a Bumper showed up in their email is pretty self-explanatory.  Not many people knew there was an attenuation problem, and not many of them knew they’d be getting a refund.  If there was ever proof that Apple’s market reach is comprised of a broader demographic than bloggers like to admit, this might be it.

Article Via Cult of Mac

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