Flipboard Accounts heralds upcoming iPhone version, sync

Flipboard, the darling of iPad feed reader apps, has released an update that hints at things to come. The new Flipboard Accounts feature lets you set up a user account with Flipboard that stores your feed settings and allows for the same account to be used across iOS devices. What’s that, you say? You thought Flipboard was just for iPad? Well, think again, because an iPhone version is on its way.

When you first open the updated Flipboard, you are greeted with this message:

Welcome to the latest edition of your Flipboard, an experience that’s even more tailored to you. Now with Flipboard Accounts, families and friends who share an iPad can log into Flipboard and quickly get to their personal content. And when Flipboard comes to the iPhone, accounts ensure that your Flipboard is configured exactly as you like it, with your favourite reading sources already saved and your social networks connected.

The idea of a master account to keep track of all your different feeds becomes more important as Flipboard adds more and more services to the mix. The most recent additions that is included in this update are Tumblr and photo site 500px.

I, for one, can’t wait until it comes to iPhone. Up until now I have had to borrow my wife’s iPad to use Flipboard. The ability to have accounts will actually help on that front, since now she can use Flipboard to read the things she’s interested in, instead of the tech heavy feeds that I usually read.

Source: macstories

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