The 5 Types Of iPhone Users On Twitter Right Now, Post iOS 7 Update…

I made the mistake of doing a Twitter search for iPhone and iOS7 15 minutes ago. Much to my amusement, it was a whole lot of confusion and an awful lot of people crying for help to restore. I even saw a guy who thought he was hacked.

If you haven’t been paying attention today, Apple’s rolled out its latest operating system to the iPhone masses. It’s drastically different than the last six versions of the mobile operating system, and it’s got a lot of people up in arms.

Here’s the five types of people you’ll see on Twitter right now if you do a Twitter search for iOS 7 or iPhone…

The “Act Cool. Remain Calm” People.


The “I Play A Designer On TV” People


The “We Paid Attention For The Last Month, And Saw This Coming” People.


The “It’s Free, It’s From Apple, And… It’s Free?” People.


Scott “Where’s The Leather?” Forstall…


Photo Credit: William Hook (cc)

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