Factory Unlocked iPhone 5 To Be Released In The U.S. Soon?

It seems like the price of buying a factory unlocked iPhone 5 may have leaked over the weekend as a search for “iPhone 5 factory unlocked” on Apple’s website turned up results with the prices of factory unlocked versions of the phone.

The prices of the unlocked phone remain the same as they did for the 4S, with the 16GB going for $649, the 32GB for $749 and the 64GB for $849.

While other countries are often able to purchase unlocked iPhones from Apple directly at launch, this is not the same for the U.S. Americans are often forced to wait several weeks for an unlocked version to hit. The unlocked iPhone 4S went on sale in late November of last year, roughly 6 weeks after the phone’s initial launch.

It is unclear on when exactly the unlocked iPhone 5 will be hitting U.S. stores, but you can expect that it will be sometime in the near future. Although the iPhone 5 has already been in stores for 6 weeks, increased demand for the device is likely slowing down Apple’s rollout of an unlocked version.

Image Credit: Apple Insider

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