Drive forward political change with the ONE iPhone app

“I had a dream” — let me just share that with you via my iPhone. How different would the political shifts seen in past generations have been if there’d been smartphones? We’ve already seen in the Middle East how Twitter and technology can help drive political change, but apps dedicated to those means?

ONE is an attempt at just that. It aims to bring the political space to the iPhone marketplace with its unique selling point being information. It argues that an informed activist is a powerful activist. The past has already shown us how ignorance can breed hate and how it’s a serious threat to successful political action. Therefore ONE wants to keep you in the know and away from misinformation.

The iPhone app builds on this concept by updating you on various political and humanist movements. This could mean vaccinations for children who are below the poverty line — once you’ve read up on the subject you can pledge your support by accessing a senator’s contact details to raise the issue on the phone. Going even further is the ability to join up with existing rallies to help drive the point in person.

Obviously if you shy away from actual discussion, there’s petition implementation in the app for a more passive approach.

Not surprisingly, the organisation ONE is backed by none other than long term evangelist Bono. The app was created in partnership with for over 2 million ONE users.

It’s free and is available to download now. It’s official name is ONE Campaign if you have trouble finding it on the App Store.

Article Via TechCrunch

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