BBC Steve Jobs documentary ‘Billion Dollar Hippy’ now on YouTube, but probably not for long

YouTube has your back again, although given the popularity of the BBC documentary Steve Jobs – Billion Dollar Hippy it probably won’t be around for long. We recommend checking it out, despite feeling dirty for recommending you watch a bootlegged version on YouTube.

In case you didn’t know – in the BBC documentary the journey of Steve Jobs is depicted with a focus on his formative years, the birth and rise of Apple, and his unique approach to product design. The film also shows the challenges he faced both personally and professionally, and his triumphant return to Apple, leading to the release of iconic products. The documentary paints a portrait of Jobs’ influence on technology and culture, reflecting on how his vision and leadership shaped the tech world.

If you are interested in the genius of Steve Jobs here are a few more things in case the video is already taken down:

  • Triumph of the Nerds” (1996): This documentary takes you through the birth of the personal computer, with insights from Steve Jobs himself.
  • Steve Jobs: One Last Thing” (2011): This piece offers a unique look into Jobs’ extraordinary life, featuring tales from those who were close to him.
  • Walter Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs” (2011): Dig into the life of the tech icon through this detailed biography, understand his journey, philosophy, and influence on our world.

Ah well, enjoy! Also, anyone want to take bets on when YouTube gets a DMCA takedown notice for the video?

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