Apple sneakily updates iPhone water damage policy

Water, what an ass. Whenever it gets the chance, it beats down our devices, and then laughs at us when companies deny our warranty. It’s almost like water is out to get us. Even today’s umbrellas rarely hold up against the wet onslaught brigade.

Apple knows this, and any chance they get they deny warranties based on water damage. The good news is that not all of us are giant lying douche bags. I’ve never dropped my phone in a toilet, or puddle, or ocean or any other body of water, but for some reason I can clearly see that the water sensor is red. Normally I’d just admit defeat and not even try to get my phone repaired, but Apple has officially tweaked their water damage policy.

According to a new document, “If a customer disputes whether an iPod with an activated LCI has been damaged by liquid contact and there are no external signs of damage from corrosion, then the iPod may still be eligible for warranty service.”


No one knows why there was a sudden change of heart over at Apple, but there’s no time like the present for Apple to right a wrong. Hopefully this news doesn’t spark off an explosion of douche bags trying to get their phones fixed for free, and treating Apple Genius’ like crap.

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Header Image Credit: JAGDesign

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