Apparently iPads don’t make you sexier, but iPhones do

Well that explains the lack of pickup lines thrown in my general direction. Here I was making a point of showing off my iPad like I was hocking something on the Home Shopping Network, just for a little affection. The only thing I got was scary stares from people who looked like they’d just as easily rob me blind. Turns out iPads don’t make a person more attractive to onlookers, but iPhones and cool laptops do.

Using an Apple product is now officially sexier than reading a book or painting. Retrevevo has proof in their Gadgetology Report. I’m not overly surprised by their findings, years ago I persuaded someone to buy a MacBook Pro because of how sexy it would make them look in a Starbucks. I’m not even joking.

Apple takes drastic measures to ensure that their products are the apple of our eye while we’re out in public, so people notice them. I’m just a little bit worried that people are noticing them more than their noticing me. You know?

Article Via TUAW

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