Accessibility Problems Fixed In iOS 6 App Store Redesign

A few days ago it was reported that some visually impaired users were unhappy with the new App Store design in iOS 6, including features like VoiceOver. Apple has quickly responded to these complaints regarding VoiceOver when browsing through the newly designed App Store.

One of the problems with VoiceOver was that it could no longer read application ratings. In earlier versions of iOS, blind users could use VoiceOver on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to find out how an app was reviewed by other users.

J.P. Shandra, who first noted these accessibility problems with iOS 6’s App Store, has reported that Apple has made the necessary changes without the need for an iOS update. According to Shandra, VoiceOver now reads all the app ratings in the App Store, iTunes Store, and the iBookstore.

AppleVis, a site dedicated to advocating for blind and low-vision users of Apple products and applications, also noted the improvements, and said that the application screenshots in the App Store are now clearly labeled for VoiceOver users.

AppleVis also stated that the Search and Genius tabs in the App Store now have a “picker control” that lets you move quickly through the apps that are listed. This makes browsing search results faster than in iOS 5.

“It’s great to see that Apple are still actively working on accessibility improvements to the App Store and are rolling out fixes in double-quick time,” AppleVis said of Apple.

Source: Apple Insider and AppleVis
Image Credit: Apple Insider

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