Twelve New Countries Get The New iPad Today


For those of us lucky enough to be in places like the US and Canada, we easily forget that some parts of the world don’t even have the new iPad available for sale. As of today, the new iPad is available in twelve new countries: Brunei, Croatia, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Malaysia, Panama, South Korea, Saint Maarten, Uruguay and Venezuela.

This is great news, and it is very heartening that Apple is working incredibly hard to roll out their products worldwide as fast as possible. This does make us think long and hard about globalization. Sadly, it’s true that many countries have such low national wages that an iPad is way out of the average Joe’s price range. We hope that the ubiquitous spread of science and technology can help uplift nations in the most dire straights.

Companies are selfish obviously — they have shareholders to answer to, ya know. It really is in Apple, Microsoft, Google, and most other companies’ best interest to work at making poverty and hunger a thing of the past. The more people we have worldwide who have jobs, healthcare, and homes, the better business will do. Think of all of the profits that could be made if you could sell to over six billion people. The world’s best interest and the best interest of most companies are aligned on this topic.

In the next decades, we want to see products being launched in every nook and cranny of the world, and populations that have the means to buy them. It’s a nice goal.

Source: Apple PR
Image Credit: Cogito ergo sumo

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