Telltale Games loves the iPad, plans to pump out the games

Adventure games, the iPad and Telltale Games — what’s new. Six months ago, you’d be excused from considering the wane in point-and-click games as news. Gamers are fickle beings and it seemed that the dominant 1990s genre was heading to extinction. Its popularity had long been on the decline with gamers shifting away from the complex narratives the genre offered.

Then Telltale came along. Known for its recent Jurassic Park series, (as well as Back to the Future, Sam & Max and Tales of Monkey Island), the developer has been working hard to reinvigorate the genre. And why not? After all, the iPad’s touch screen is perfectly suited to adventure games and bite-sized stories.

Telltale has already got 18 titles on the platform, so something must be working. Keen to capitalise on this resurgence, it’s looking to expand its catalogue to 30 games by the end of 2011, including Law & Order and Sam & Max Beyond Time & Space. There’s also an unnamed series in the works that’ll be announced soon.

Whoever said episodic gaming couldn’t work had obviously never met the iPad.

Via: The Loop
Source: Telltale Games

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