Taposé Can’t Kill Original iPad Support, Tells Users Not To Update

Taposé, a popular collaborative journal app for iPad, has been in the App Store for the past few years. With Taposé, users can type, draw and add other forms of media into a “notebook”, and allows their friends, family, and coworkers to collaborate in real time. If a user wants to export a journal without collaboration, they can send it in an email or share it via Dropbox or Evernote.

And while this app has been in the App Store for quite some time, the developers have recently made the app too RAM-heavy to support the original iPad, which only sports 256MB of RAM. Taposé originally wanted to completely kill Taposé support for the first generation iPad, but was denied the right to do so by the App Store review team. So instead of killing support, the developers were forced to send out the update to all users, but to put a note in the change log telling original iPad users not to update. Not only does this look bad on Taposé’s part, but it also makes me wonder why developers aren’t allowed to kill off support for older devices when updating their iOS app. This could stop innovation for apps in the App Store and cause inconvenience for users who accidentally update Taposé when running a first generation iPad.

Source: Pocketables via Slashgear
Image Credit: Yagan Kiely

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