A Steampunk Christmas Carol

PadWorx Digital Media Inc has brought to the iPad the Charles Dickens classic holiday story, A Christmas Carol, with an amazing ‘steampunk’ look.

The app has 130 pages of the abridged text, and includes immersive graphics, music, and sound. The developers also say there are ‘hidden easter eggs’ with bonus content, which sound like s a great idea. Also, the app has been directly endorsed by the Dickens family, which must mean it totally rocks!

I’m not big into interactive books on my iPad, but this seems to be such a Christmas delight. You should note though that there are some reviews on the App Store saying that they have maybe focused too much on the steampunk and not enough on the story. Some reviewers commented that there are no spirits or scary animations and were disappointed after having high hopes.

A Christmas Carol for the iPad is available on the App Store for $4.99.

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