Rumor: Apple wants AMOLED for iPad 3

People thought the iPad 2, iPad, and iPhone 3GS would be getting an AMOLED display leading up to their announcements, but it never materialized. It just kept not happening, over and over again. But, the dream isn’t dead just yet. The Korean Herald is reporting that Tim Cook has been discussing the possibilities with Samsung for the iPad 3.

The key quote from The Korean Herald article mentions that Apple is looking to implement the AMOLED technology into an upgraded version of the iPad 2. If you recall, Mr. John Gruber set the Internet ablaze a couple months back by suggesting, in passing, that Apple could release two iPad models this year.

Samsung’s AMOLED displays offer deeper colors, including blacker blacks, as well as less issues with direct sunlight when compared to LCD displays, and more particularly, the LG LCD displays included in the current iteration of the iPhone.

Of course, a rumor wouldn’t be complete without unnamed sources talking to the press, and PR people denying or out right downplaying discussions. Both are present in this long-stated rumor. A Samsung representative says he hasn’t heard anything about the meetings, which is probably true. If Tim Cook was meeting with a VP or executive from Samsung, it’s not exactly unlikely that the PR team doesn’t know anything about it.

As for the unnamed commentator, well, he’s an executive at a local, and also unnamed, company. Since this guy could work at the thrift shop down the street, we’re going to leave the quote out of the post.

Also, start gearing up for the iPad 3 rumor mill. It’s probably about to shift into high-gear.

Article Via Macstories

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