Rogers And Telus To Offer iPad Mini, Wind Mobile To Offer Nano SIMs In Canada

Yesterday was a big day for iPhone and iPad users in Canada. Rogers Wireless and Telus announced that they will both begin selling the LTE-enabled iPad and iPad mini within the “coming weeks.” On the iPhone side of things, yesterday Wind Mobile started to sell iPhone 5-compatible Nano SIM cards.

Though Canadian iPad users were long able to purchase data plans for their tablets, the iPad has never been available for purchase at their local phone shop. However, that is about to change for both Rogers and Telus customers. Both carriers will be selling the iPad and iPad mini on contract-free plans in-store.

Wind, another Canadian mobile phone carrier, has begun selling Nano SIMs for $25. However, Wind still doesn’t offer LTE networking, so iPhone users will be stuck on Wind’s HSPA+ network. If this doesn’t sway you from the network, make sure you have an AWS-enabled iPhone with the model number A1428. If you’re unsure of the model, check your serial number. If it begins with FH19-, FH1C- , FH1D-, FH1F-, or FH1H-, you’re ready to go on Wind.

Image Credit: LJR.MIKE

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