New games announced to take advantage of the new iPad


Announced today at the Apple event, two new games were unveiled to take advantage of the incredible processing power and high resolution Retina display of the new iPad. First up is a Namco-developed flight game for the iPad. Truth be told, flight sims and racing sims are perfect for the iPad. All of those great sensors in the device allow you to easily control the vehicle, and the screen being so close to your face really helps in the immersion aspect. I’m very excited to get my hands on this.NewImage

Of course, how could we have a new and shiny graphics processor without a new Infinity Blade to show it off? From the developer of the massively successful Infinity Blade and its sequel comes Infinity Blade: Dungeons. Of course, we’ll have a full review of it when we can. Probably from Elle. She loves games, you know.

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Source: GDGT

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