Moving from ‘i’ to ‘we’ with the WePad

After having the opportunity to play around with an iPad the other night, I was made aware of its apparent European competitor: the WePad. Built in Germany, the WePad is an Android-based tablet that boasts an interesting feature: multi-tasking. Other features of the WePad include two (count ’em, 2) USB ports, SD slot, and Flash. Adobe has allegedly had input on this product – sparking an intriguing tablet showdown after Apple seemingly and figuratively slapped Adobe in the face at the iPad keynote address.

As far as pricing goes, the WePad starts at just over $600 USD for the 16GB model, and just under $800 USD for the 32GB model (which also has 3G and GPS capabilities as well as a full HD 1080p display).

Though pre-orders are now being accepted, the WePad won’t officially launch until July in Germany. With international iPad release dates being pushed back, it will be interesting to see how this battle ends on the European front. The WePad may be a non-threat to Apple’s North American sales as there has been no confirmation of a US release.

Here is a demo of just how the WePad works:

Via CrunchGear

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