More iPad Mini Parts Revealed Ahead Of Apple Special Event Today

Since rumors of the iPad mini first began, parts and components of the supposed device have been surfacing and now, with the assumed announcement just hours away, more iPad mini parts have been revealed. This time the parts are showing the iPad mini’s Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth antennas.

The photos were first revealed by French website The new iPad mini is expected to be available in both Wi-Fi only and cellular data capable models, just like the full-sized iPad. GPS connectivity will only be available built-in to the iPad models with cellular data.

Apple’s latest products also have Bluetooth 4.0 support, which will likely be a feature of the new iPad mini. Bluetooth 4.0 devices are characterized as “Bluetooth Smart Ready” and connect to both traditional Bluetooth devices as well as “smart” devices, like heart-rate monitors or pedometers.

The Apple Special Event is set to kick off in a few short hours, where we’ll find out exactly which features the iPad mini will really have. Stay tuned!

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