Import RSS into Flipboard

A lot of interesting information can be found while using Flipboard. The way Flipboard places emphasis on certain stories helps to bring out a couple hidden gems from time to time.

One thing that seems to be missing, and that would make it a more complete application, is the inclusion of RSS feed support. If Flipboard would support Google Docs, there’s a good chance I’d open it a lot more on my iPad, but currently it seems to be an evenings and weekends application.

As it turns out, there’s a nice little hack that lets you insert your RSS feeds into the Flipboard iPad application. All you have to do is get a feed into Twitter using TwitterFeed, and then use Flipboard to connect to that Twitter account. Here’s how:

Part One:

  1. Create a new Twitter account,
  2. attach the new Twitter account to TwitterFeed,
  3. add the RSS feed of your choice to TwitterFeed.

Part Two:

  1. From your main Twitter account follow your new news feed account on Twitter,
  2. put that feed into a list of its own,
  3. open Flipboard, and click on the “Add A Section” button,
  4. from here pick your new Twitter list.
  5. Done.

RSS Feeds in Flipboard, muwahaha.

Thanks to Alex Iacone for sending in the tip.

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