Holy Claim Chowder Batman! Asymco calls everyone out who talked s*!t about the iPad.

The iPad wasn’t going to change the world, and Apple wasn’t going to be doing stockholders any favors by releasing the product that has now become ubiquitous in the industry. A lot of writers took time out of their delusional world throughout 2010 to assert the failure of the iPad. Yeah, about that—Asymco just called all of them out in a post titled Flummoxed, again.

The post goes on to quote traditional Apple trolls like Paul Thurrott, as well as others. It’s hilarious to see just how wrong a lot of these journalists were when they sat down to write about the iPad’s inevitable demise. It’s well worth your time. Take a minute, grab a coffee, and check out some doozies that include,

There could literally be millions of first-generation iPads gathering dust in people’s home offices already. This product is the tech industry’s biggest MacGuffin yet.” Paul Thurrott, Windows IT Pro, 23 October 2010


“Not only is Apple typically lost in the enterprise, but it focuses very little of its time there. And with a new, potentially more compelling tablet coming — the Cisco Cius — the iPad’s success in the corporate world could be short-lived. Here’s why:… 10 The power of Windows” Don Reisinger, Channel Insider, 5 August 2010

Like I said, prepare yourself for some giant laughs, and then go give it a read.

Article Via Asymco
Photo Credit: Shermans Food Adventures

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