Fortune releases a Steve Jobs retrospective iPad app

Fortune has released an iPad application that illustrates The Legacy of Steve Jobs over the years. The application, a retrospective of Jobs’ accomplishments, focuses in on the story of Jobs and Apple through the eye of the Fortune journalists over the last three decades.

The app includes unique features such as interactive timelines and photo galleries, offering a visual journey through Steve Jobs’ life. It also features rare video clips and audio interviews, providing a more dynamic experience.

It utilizes interesting design elements to create an immersive experience. It employs animated transitions and interactive graphics to bring stories to life, making the exploration of Steve Jobs’ legacy more fun.

The application looks and reads like a magazine dedicated to the late Apple-founder. So, if you’re looking for biography level depth, you’re not going to find it here; however, it does tell a similar story, and provides great visuals along the way.

In comparison to traditional biographies, this app provides a more visual and interactive approach. Its focus on multimedia content offers a fresh perspective, differentiating it from other forms of biographical media.

The application also touches on how Steve Jobs’ innovations continue to influence modern technology. It draws connections between his ideas and current tech trends, which helps to show how he swayed the tech industry.

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