Firemint announces support for AirPlay mirroring in Real Racing 2 HD

For many, iOS5’s best new features will be the Notification Center or the improved Camera app, the new version of Mail, or the integration of iCloud. Another really great feature that will be introduced with iOS 5 this fall is AirPlay mirroring of the iPad.

Firemint announced today that their title Real Racing 2 HD will be the first game to support that feature as soon as iOS 5 will be available.

The game will be streamed to your TV screen without the need of a cable. The iPad will connect to your Apple TV via AirPlay and mirror the content onto the bigger screen. Firemint went a step further though and actually used the screen real-estate of the iPad as well and will show the player racing telemetry in real-time.

This combination of mirroring and the use of the iPad’s screen can turn the Apple TV, in combination with the iPad, into a home gaming console of a completely new form and generation (and makes Nintendo’s new, unreleased Wii U look outdated and clunky.)

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