Apple rolls out Retina-ready iPad app listing in the App Store

With less than 12 hours left to go until the doors open up at the Apple Stores and hundreds of people start rushing the gate at your local Apple Store, Apple has released a new section on the App Store that highlights Retina-ready applications for your iPad.

The section, titled “Great Apps for the new iPad,” highlights some of the best Retina-ready application for that snazzy third generation iPad you’re about to pick up. Included in the list are applications like Tweetbot, Flight Control Rocket, and Day One.

There are plenty more applications with Retina graphics heading to, or already on, the App Store. Earlier today, Amazon released a Retinified version of its app, and a couple of hours ago Geoff Teehan of Readability fame announced that Readability is ready for the iPad Retina display.

First thing you’re going to want to do with that new iPad is head to the App Store and update all of your applications. You’re going to notice the non-Retina ready applications in a hurry.

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