Analyst: GSM, CDMA, but no LTE in Apple’s iPad 2

iPad 2 rumors are heating up now that announcement day is less than 72 hours away. Some analysts have taken the opportunity to fill in some of the blanks with the rumors. At this point, we can assume safely that the iPad 2 could be thinner and lighter, but LTE isn’t exactly in the cards according to Goldman analyst Bill Shope.

Shope pointed out to The Street that GSM and CDMA versions of the iPad 2 are likely, although there was no mention about the device using a dual-band chipset. According to Shope, LTE technology is still a ways off because Apple’s unwilling to sacrifice battery life on the relatively young technology.

The rumor offered up by Shope is pretty safe, and it wouldn’t that big of a surprise if Apple passed up LTE in the iPad 2. But, if I had to bet, Apple would be offering up one version of the iPad instead of two (GSM and CDMA) models—it just makes sense for consumers.

With the announcement so close, what do you think we’ll see in the iPad 2? Let us know in the comments.

Article Via The Street
Photo Credit: Yutaka Tsutano

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