Newly Released ‘Titanfall’ May Be Coming To Mac

If you’re an avid gamer who enjoys playing games on his Mac, you might just end being able up play one of this year’s biggest blockbusters.

Vince Zampella, one of the founders behind Titanfall’s studio Respawn Entertainment, responded on Twitter this week to the question of whether we’ll ever get a Mac release of the popular new first person shooter. Zampella answered saying that his company is currently in talks with Aspyr Games, a company that has specialized in porting over big budget titles over to the Mac, but didn’t reveal anything definite.

Titanfall is the first major game release from new studio Respawn Entertainment, a company founded by the creators of Call of Duty. It is currently exclusive to Microsoft’s platforms, being available on both the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows. It seems like this exclusivity still allows for a Mac port to be created, however.

Some other notable Mac ports from Aspyr Games include Bioshock Infinite and Civilization V.

Hopefully it’s not too long before we can engage in some heated mech combat on our MacBooks.

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