Madden NFL 12 touches down on iOS

Another year, another chance for Electronic Arts to release a new hand-egg ball video game. Surprisingly American Football (I refuse to cave and call it football) is a popular pastime in North America, and while the rest of us blissfully ignore the sport, the Madden NFL series continues to sell millions of copies (not as many as real-football series, FIFA, ha!) every year.

British wit aside, EA has always released its games on every platform known to man, iPhone and iPad included. Madden NFL 12 is chock-full of players (2,500), teams (32) and playbooks. It’s all officially licensed, so the stadiums and official NFL season are true to life.

Supposedly it includes better collision detection, leaderboards via EA’s new community, Origin, and achievements for bragging to friends.

The iPhone version costs $6.99 while the iPad version is slightly more at $7.99.

Touchdown and all that macho jazz!

Via: Pocket Gamer
Photo Credit: Electronic Arts

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