Batman: Arkham City Lockdown available for $2.99 for limited time only

NetherRealm, the developer who brought Mortal Kombat (which totally kicked some serious ass, by the way) to the iPhone and iPad, has surprised us with yet another hit. Batman: Arkham City Lockdown was released early last month and without much prior notice for such a huge title. And guess what, kiddies? It’s on sale.

This game has been receiving some rave reviews, and rightly so. It’s a great spin-off for fans of the console series, and overall, it’s a pretty rad game. The storyline loosely follows that of its console predecessors where you’re tasked with capturing the escaped lunatics from Arkham Asylum, and putting them back behind bars. The graphics were built with the Unreal Engine, so you know they’re brilliant. The gameplay is pretty smooth, and with the recent update to game controls, the combat mechanics are wicked.

When the game was initially released, it carried a price tag of $5.99 – which might have been a little steep for some people. However, NetherRealm has decided to lower the price to $2.99. But it’s for a limited time only, so quit lollygagging, and get this seriously awesome game on your iOS device. Do it. GO NOW.

Soure: TouchArcade

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