Your iPhone Will Look Stylish With The iGlaze Armour

I’m a huge fan of the iPhone 5’s two-tone design, but as much as I like looking at it, I don’t want my iPhone to get scratched or damaged in any way during use. Luckily for me, quite a few iPhone case makers produce light weight cases that attempt to match the iPhone’s two-tone color scheme. One of these cases is the iGlaze Armour by Moshi.

The iGlaze Armour is a slim-fitting case that is crafted from a diamond-cut aluminum backplate and a polycarbonate frame. All of this is coated with a beautiful metallic finish that is sure to make your iPhone standout while not swaying too far from the iPhone’s original design.

Since the case’s backplate is made from aluminum, some users may be worried about possible scratching of the iPhone’s stock backplate. Fear not! Moshi was nice enough to include a film for the back of your iPhone that can be installed like an adhesive screen protector.

As far as the case’s design goes, it features a snap-on-the-back style design that will ensure protection for your iPhone’s rear shell. However, the case is not likely to protect from major drops, so make sure to assess your iPhone dropping habits before purchasing an iGlaze Armour.

If you’d like to purchase an iGlaze Armour for your iPhone 5, it’s available for $39.95 via You can purchase the case in silver, black, and bronze.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.